Conference Venue

IC-FeH 2019 will be hosted at ZIAT


Address (in Chinese): 珠海中科先进技术研究院,珠海市高新区唐家湾镇大洲科技园A区12层 

Conference hall


Lecture style theatre



Tutorial / Seminar

Small group discussion

About Zhuhai

Zhuhai (珠海) is the name of a city, and Special Economic Zone, in Guangdong Province, China. The name means Pearl Sea; Zhuhai is where the Pearl River (珠江) flows into the South Sea (南海). Zhuhai is known for its beautiful long coastline, waving palm trees, open spaces, low population density, and its many islands; Zhuhai's nicknames are the city for lovers and the city of a hundred islands. Zhuhai serves as the gateway to Macau, as a tourist destination for holidays.

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